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The Role Of the Hemp Industry In Dealing With Climate Change On A Global Scale

Did you know there is a clock showing the time left for us to save the Earth? “The Earth has a deadline.”, the message reads on the countdown clock in Manhattan, displaying the urgent window for action before global warming becomes irreparable. 

Irreversible climate change is becoming a frightening reality. While the pandemic is contributing to reducing carbon emissions globally [1], they are forecasted to see rapid growth in the future [2]. As a critical global issue, climate change is discussed in various international forums, meant to find sustainable ways to reverse it. Whether it’s replacing plastics or tree-based paper, we need eco-friendly alternatives that can decelerate and hopefully undo the extensive damage caused to the climate. In fact, we can look to the hemp industry for a bit of inspiration for the climate change movement. For its extensive usability, hemp, unsurprisingly, comes with a rich history throughout the world. The plant’s origin is traced to Central Asia, Siberia, and the Himalayas. [3].

Hemp can impede climate change

From cleaning the air to saving wildlife, this plant can aid the cause in so many ways. When we say hemp can save the world, we mean it! Let’s see how –

Hemp absorbs CO2 like a sponge.

Hemp breathes in CO2 more than trees, and this is a scientifically proven fact![4] Growing hemp is a great way to implement carbon sequestration. Industrial hemp from the hemp industry can absorb staggering 22 tonnes of CO2 per hectare, which is a lot more than what trees and crops do [5].

Hemp can replace plastic.

Yes, you read that, right! Hemp fiber can be used to produce plastic-like material that retains most of its properties. It’s 100% biodegradable, which can save our animals too! 

Hemp prevents water pollution and retains soil minerals.

Did you know that hemp is naturally resistant to pests and can depollute the soil? Toxic chemicals in pesticides are widely known to wash over and contaminate water bodies nearby. The hemp plant works as a soil purifier to help the soil maintain its fertility [6].

Hemp says “No more cutting trees!” 

Not-so-fun fact: We lose forest area the size of the UK each year, which is about a whopping 26 million hectares [7]. This deforestation largely occurs for fuel and paper.

On the flip side, hemp can be used to make biodiesel and ethanol, which are great alternatives to firewood. Likewise, hemp paper can completely replace tree-made paper without harming the environment! Did we mention that it only takes four months to grow hemp, while trees can take decades?

Switching to hemp paper with OG Hemp

From requiring little water to grow to no chemical processing, hemp paper can be a green alternative to reverse climate change. OG Hemp offers a range of hemp papers that can be used for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. The process is simple and has a negative carbon footprint. Hemp gives back to the Earth way more than it takes!

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