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Hemp Made

100% hemp Paper & Hemp Kraft Blend

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Tailored packaging for all your needs.

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Personalized white-label products suited for your brand.

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Padded packaging for customizable protection.

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Sustainable packaging from tree-free materials.

Benefits of Hemp Paper Mono Cartons
Mono Cartons

OG Hemp Paper

Mono Cartons

 Made from the finest hemp fibers, our 100% Hemp Paper Mono cartons are the epitome of sustainability, durability, and functionality. Not only are they an excellent choice for the environment-conscious consumer, but also for those who seek high-quality packaging that offers a touch of sophistication.

With a thickness of 340GSM, our Monocartons made from 100% Hemp Paper are an ideal choice for all kinds of prints, making them a versatile option for businesses across industries. To package your organic products in a sustainable, stylish, and practical manner, these are the perfect solution for you.

Experience the seamless blend of eco-friendliness, superior quality, and aesthetic appeal with our 100% Hemp Paper Mono cartons. Elevate your brand image while making a positive impact on the environment by opting for our sustainable packaging solutions.

OG Hemp Kraft Blend

Mono Cartons

At our core, we derive immense satisfaction from creating visually captivating and environmentally responsible packaging solutions. Our exceptional Hemp and Agri blend Kraft Monocartons exude a distinctive rustic charm that is certain to captivate your discerning customers.

These remarkable Monocartons are meticulously crafted using a blend of Hemp and other resilient agricultural fibers, ensuring unmatched durability and sturdiness. What sets them apart is their complete compostability and use of organic materials, making them the ideal choice for businesses committed to minimizing their environmental impact.

Whether your priority lies in elegance, functionality, or sustainability, rest assured, we have you covered with our range of exceptional packaging solutions.

Hemp Paper Packaging in UAE
IIT Mandi Catalyst
IIT Kharagpur
CPPRI - Central Pulp & Paper Institute of India
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Sabour Agri University
Custom Carton Types

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Compostable Unboxing Delight

From design to delivery, we work with might, Ensuring highest quality and on-time delight. Unbox sustainably, with our boxes green, For Mother Earth our approach is clean.A compostable joy, the likes you’ve not seen, For unforgettable experiences, you know where to lean.

Excellent service! Receiving so much love for our envelopes. Daniella, United Kingdom

Daniella United Kingdom

Beautiful paper & packaging. Include more marketing materials

Steve De Angelo
Steve DeAngelo USA

Handmade version is textured & classic, used for product tag.

Mikael Netherlands

Love the paper and it was easily printed on at my home printer

Abigail Australia

Paper is worth trying.

hemp paper
Maia Nielsen Goa, India

Use this & stay ahead from the crowd

hemp paper
Sara Casalini Italy

Great Team & its future.

Mike Poland

Colored hemp papers looks great

Eli Shalom USA

Very good quality, same as I find in europe (or maybe a bit better)

Alex France

Love the Thank you cards.

The Hemp Collective
Tony Canary Islands

Sturdy Mono Cartons from 100% hemp. Delivery time could be lesser.

hemp paper
Gina & Mario Australia

Super products, working on B2B distribution.

hemp paper
Jakub Kruz Poland

Best quality hemp paper and products

hemp paper
Ramon Australia

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