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Can Companies Indulge in CSR Initiatives with Hemp? Yes, They Can!

In the post-pandemic era, many of us find ourselves asking, “What can we do to help?” SMEs are mainly looked upon and called to duty. CSR (corporate social responsibility) has become an unavoidable aspect of the business landscape.

We are living in a time where customers not only judge but also back companies that align with their values. They closely follow the brands’ demonstration of integrity and empathy and then support the ones they resonate with the most.

Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

There is a wide range of social concerns and causes that companies can support. Here are some examples:

Organic: Organic goods are in popular demand for over a decade now. Many people support the use of organic materials as they are kinder to the planet. Using organic material also supports farmworkers who grow these crops.

Additionally, consumers concerned about exposure to toxins in synthetic packaging look for organic labels to take better care of their health.

Environmental activism: Nowadays, consumers are hyper-aware of the environmental impact of products and supply chains. Carbon neutral or carbon negative companies go the extra mile and are involved in recycling initiatives.

Support local: Companies often sell products made locally or empower local small businesses as part of their company CSR activities. This not only supports their neighbors but also reduces the carbon footprint within their supply chains.

Veganism: Cruelty-free and plant-based lifestyle is sweeping through countries and inspiring people to support companies associated with veganism.

In other words, CSR and sustainability go hand in hand nowadays.

Why Hemp?

As a fibre, industrial hemp is more useful than most other plants. From clothing and ropes to biodegradable plastic, styrofoam alternatives and paper—hemp is both versatile and sustainable.

It provides a renewable alternative to many materials and in many different industries.

  1. Hemp is carbon negative.
  2. It revitalises the soil.
  3. It doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides.
  4. It supports sustainable farming.
  5. It uses very little water.
  6. It absorbs toxic metals.
  7. Hemp paper can be recycled up to eight times.
  8. Hemp papers need minimal to no chemical processing.
  9. They have a high bulk factor and tearing strength.

Who Uses Hemp?

Clothing brands like Patagonia and Prana have added hemp apparels to their collection.

Automobile companies like Audi, Volkswagen and BMW use hemp in industrial components and as insulation for manufacturing parts as well as hemp paper.

However, not each company needs to make grand gestures while adopting hemp. There are simpler ways to get started with the hemp revolution.

The easiest way to use hemp in your CSR initiatives is to use sustainable hemp packaging for your products. Since it is highly customisable, you can also use it for branding.

For instance, brands like Strawcture Eco and The Hemp Shop use hemp paper. Since hemp paper is highly versatile, it can be used for pretty much anything like business cards, letterheads, envelopes, digital printing and more.

You could also use hemp stationery in your offices.

How can hemp add value to your CSR?

While using hemp for your CSR activities is a great idea, here are some tips you should follow to make the most impact.

  • Clearly define your brand messaging

You should stand for one particular cause that your clients can associate with your brand. Don’t swing from environmental activism to community projects to supporting local businesses year after year.

Research thoroughly and come up with a single cause that resonates the most with your business culture. Clearly define how your brand is going to help and the scope of improvement with your initiatives.

  • Market it right

Don’t shy away from talking about your chosen CSR initiative on multiple channels and platforms. Proudly display relevant details on your website and create awareness on the subject.

You should also be honest about the setbacks as much as the victories. Be authentic when marketing your CSR project, and skip the promotional bit altogether if possible.

Furthermore, involve your customers in what you’re doing. Solicit their ideas, concerns and personal experiences.

  • Partner with a third-party non-profit organisation

An alliance with a Non-Profit Organization will lend credibility to your efforts while letting you benefit from their philanthropy and fundraising experience.

Choose Sustainable. Choose Hemp.

Corporate social responsibility in business goes beyond “goodwill.” It’s how your brand makes a difference. Be environmentally, economically and socially responsible. Do your bit for a promising future of the planet by supporting hemp products.

Choose sustainability, choose OG Hemp!

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