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Why Hemp Paper Packaging? OGHemp’s Next Big Sustainable Innovation

Why hemp paper packaging?

If you have this question in mind then I must tell you, Hemp paper packaging is the name of the game. The diversion from the unsustainable earth to a greener globe

“Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral product in the annual growth of the hemp fields?”- Henry Ford

Henry Ford was right when he advocated hemp. With our selfish needs and requirements, we have felled trees and created a point of no return. 

The modern world has created a lot of chaos. Climate change, deforestation, water shortage, pollution, and our fast-paced lives have made it all worse. But what can we do about these alarming issues?

A lot of environmentalists turn to hemp as the solution.

Why? Let’s find out!

Hemp is a family of plants that contains an abundance of fiber among the most robust and most durable fibers in the world. Hemp paper is one such miracle we get from the pulp of these plants. Recently, hemp has been in the limelight for many different reasons, such as high productivity and suitability for various industries. Also, paper produced from hemp is an eco-friendly choice for any industry.

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Is Hemp The Road To Sustainability?

Hemp Paper vs Tree Paper – The Differences You Must Know

How Hemp Companies Are Contributing To Sustainability Using Industrial Hemp

OGHemp, Sustainable Hemp Paper Company

Is Hemp The Road To Sustainability?

Since time immemorial, we humans have been destroying our planet. While heavily relying on the short-term gains, we don’t realize the long-term benefits of conserving and preserving the world we love. So what can we do to save our planet?

Routes to save and conserve our planet, the European Green Deal, and the American Farm Bill of 2018, acknowledge hemp as the godfather of sustainability. 

Sustainability is essential for the survival of our planet. We all know that. It is about making sure that whatever we do to the world around us, the world doesn’t die due to our actions. It is all about finding ways to create something out of nothing. It is all about finding ways to preserve our resources. And this is why we should take a look at hemp. Nature provides us with various forms of sustainability of which hemp stands foremost. Let’s check them out

But is it as Sustainable as the World Says?

Conventional paper packaging is almost the most polluting and energy-intensive industry in the world. Many research shows that to produce a kg of paper takes a whopping 323lts of water. Moreover, more than 7.5 billion trees are cut down every year just for paper production. The fact that an A4 piece of paper uses up to 20 liters of water in its production is alarming when you consider that almost 800 million people worldwide lack access to clean water.

Landfills are full of paper which disseminates methane and greenhouse gases. Indeed, paper industries release toxins in the water bodies hence polluting the aquatic life too. The frightening data helps with the estimated ideal number of trees cut and water wasted to make the paper and totality of the unsustainability.   

Sustainable Paper, You Can Count On [Hemp Paper’s Enigma]


Seeing the global warming and environmental degradation, we cannot call paper a sustainable option at all.

On the contrary, hemp is a clarification of all our requisite problems.

Hemp paper is an organic paper made out of pure hemp and is also the future of the paper industry. Also, hemp is the key to sustainable organic paper and paper packaging material.

Comprehending industrial hemp, it is a botanical class of cannabis Sativa explicitly grown for industrial or medical use. There are vast applications of hemp in making numerous products.

The hemp plant serves as the raw material for hemp paper. The fibers of hemp have higher tensile strength. Consequently, it makes complete sense to use hemp in making textiles, rope, paper, and whatnot! Another essential attribute of bast fiber is its unique arrangement, making hemp fiber nodes highly flexible.

Hemp classifies supporting the green category, primarily because of its positive effects on the environment. Today, our focus is on hemp paper, as the paper made out of the pulp of hemp fiber is generally robust, long-lasting, and durable. So, hemp paper is more substantial and better than wood paper. Hemp paper indeed has greater strength than tree paper because it’s one of the most durable and reliable plant-based fibers in the marketplace.

Hemp pulp offers four to five times longer fibers, lower lignin fraction, and higher tear resistance compared to wood. Sustainable hemp packaging and wrapping minimizes environmental impact and maximizes opportunities for recovery, recycling, and reuse.

Hemp Paper vs Tree Paper – The Differences You Must Know

Let’s now dive right in on how we can produce hemp paper. 

Hemp paper is derived from hemp hurds, which are fibers compressed into woody core-like particles. To begin with, the hemp hurds needs to be separated from other contaminants by washing them with water to create a pulp slurry of just hemp fiber pulp. After this process, presses come into play. The hemp paper is passed through the presses where the excess water is drained. Next up, it’s on to drying racks for further pressing and drying before the hemp paper is ready for any specific use!


The rationalization for higher productivity is the higher cellulose content in hemp stalks. Cellulose being the main ingredient of paper, hemp stalk has 85% cellulose compared to about 30% cellulose in wood. Consequently, hemp paper lasts longer and is more durable and versatile.

Hemp is high in renewability than trees as an origin concerning the paper. The quantity of hemp paper generated from one acre equals what 4 to 10 acres of trees can produce over 20 years

Hemp paper is better than wood paper. Here’s why!

People all across the globe are now waking up to significant natural advantages. Sifting to a distinct perspective, it is not surprising why practicing hemp paper is frequently growing.

Along those lines, hemp/hemp paper facts are astounding and are aforementioned:

  • Strong fibers:
  • Decomposition is much faster than regular tree paper.
  • Paper does not turn yellow with time.
  • High cellulose
  • Low Lignin
  • Use of less land
  • Lower irrigation cost
  • No use of harmful chemicals like dioxins
  • Less time in harvesting
  • Excellent rotational crop
  • Pest resistance
  • The recycling abilities of hemp are better than that of tree paper.
  • Hemp plants grow in nearly any climate.
  • When harvesting precisely, hemp’s fiber is more substantial than steel: It has carbon-capturing abilities, and hemp is strong enough to save the world; hence the paper is more durable and robust than any other paper.

When we use hemp paper, the benefits are not only a few mentioned above but also the guardian of sustainability. On the contrary, as we humans progress forward, there is a massive decrease in forest areas worldwide. Also, accelerating human activities towards unsustainability is negatively altering natural ecosystems, biodiversity, and climate. 

The answer to all these problems can be the felling of trees for paper and products related to paper manufacturing.

Hemp Paper to Create Sustainable Paper Packaging


The hemp plant acts as a beneficial plant for the environment and human beings. Applications of the hemp plant not only stop for industrial purposes but extend to medicinal and wellness properties. Hemp-derived items are entirely biodegradable, renewable, and nontoxic. The most beneficial trait of the hemp plant is its totality to replace trees to produce paper. One acre of hemp cultivation produces four times the amount of paper than one acre of the tree.

Green Paper Products For Crafting Experience


Using hemp in stationery worldwide as, hemp paper products, hemp paper bags, hemp wrapping paper, hemp paper packaging is efficient from hemp. Addressing hemp is excellent for saving trees and reducing the carnage of widespread deforestation. Also, since paper for packaging takes 1/3rd of the total production of wood paper, we can well imagine the positive influence of practicing hemp paper approaching the environment. 


Correlating tree-based paper to hemp paper is more durable, sustainable, and recyclable. Another immeasurable thing about the sustainability of hemp paper is, since it is originally light in color, using lesser chemicals and bleaching agent demands to formulate the final piece. Thus, making hemp paper the environment’s best friend.

The hemp crop grows 60+ times faster than trees making it economically viable too. Simply put, hemp paper and packaging are sustainable, eco-friendly, and do not contribute to further depletion of natural resources.

How Hemp Companies Are Contributing To Sustainability Using Industrial Hemp


Industrial hemp rules the arena with Hemp textile and Hemp paper. Fortune 100 brands worldwide are heading with varieties of innovations exclusively from the fibers and pulp of hemp.

OGHemp and TreeFreeHemp Paper Company are significant professionals in sustainable hemp paper production. On the other hand, brands like Boheco life and Offset Intimates are experts in Sustainable Hemp fabric.

Debuts are already out about hemp as the most sustainable option for papermaking and thus leading to a sustainable future. Hemp plants can contain up to 85% cellulose, while trees generally only include up to 30% cellulose. This makes hemp an ideal choice for turning into paper.

Also, hemp’s high tear and wet strength, water-absorbent ability, and anti-bacterial properties make it the best alternative for tree paper hygiene products. Emphasizing Hemp paper’s high mechanical and chemical stability makes tremendous-quality printable books. As far as we consider hemp paper vs tree paper, hemp paper is a no-brainer.

OGHemp, Sustainable Hemp Paper Company

Being one of the pioneers in the industry, OGHemp is the most suitable solution for TREE FREE Papers and products. OG Hemp succeeds in presenting and delivering a paper that does not demand the destruction of any trees. Thus, resulting in a Greener & Healthier Globe for your family and loved ones. 

As our vision statement speaks for itself – I saved a Tree’s life. OG hemp is one of a kind in the world to make 100% hemp-based paper products, primarily focusing on Tree free paper packaging and wrapping. We believe in manufacturing carbon-negative products for consumers beholding a mission to zero reliance on trees, accelerate decarbonization, and reverse climate change.


In farsight, the idea of making a Bio-Based Economy across the globe is what makes us the front runner in the Hemp Paper Packaging and product marketplace.

While delivering a wide range of hemp products, we manage to satisfy the sustainable needs of every person on earth. Thus, it inspires OGHemp to expertise in a wide range of products, including

  • Hemp Stationery
  • Hemp Paper Bags
  • Hemp Boxes
  • Hemp Diaries
  • Hemp paper packaging & wrapping
  • Hemp Coasters
  • Hemp Jewelry boxes(personalized boxes)
  • Hemp Cards and Hemp envelopes

OGHemp being distinctive to the crowd believes in contributing to our country’s ecological growth.



Are you ready for the revolution to sustainability? 

There are many ways to answer how we can save trees from being cut down every year. But, the most important thing is to know that if we do our part and buy 100% hemp paper products from OGHemp…Your Sustainable Brand!

Your one step towards sustainability can save a tree’s life. 

Remember, hemp will be the future of all humankind, or there won’t be a future.

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