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Did you know you could replace everyday plastic with these products?

In our daily lives, we use plastics and paper-based products for various consumer and industrial usage, which is severely affecting the environment. Deforestation has led to increased emissions of CO2. Microplastics are also creating a menace. Plastics from various products are entering food chains and disrupting our ecosystem. It is therefore high time to opt for sustainable products and eco-friendly packaging that’s gentle on both the environment and humans. One such natural plant that provides multiple benefits is the hemp plant. Hemp products, being 100% natural, have no negative impact on harvesting; in fact, it improves the soil quality as the raw materials used are completely organic. So, acting more responsibly towards the environment by looking for alternatives for pollution-free ecosystems and sustainable living is the need of the hour.

Advantages of Choosing Hemp Plastic:

When it comes to eco-friendly packaging, there are multiple hemp product benefits. From providing enormous health benefits (hemp seeds) to offering sustainable product packaging—the hemp plant does it all. It is low-maintenance and can be grown easily within a few months with a limited need for fertilisers. The production of hemp paper products is also energy-efficient and needs less electricity. In terms of usage, hemp provides the same durability and versatility as paper or plastic packaging.

Hemp Product Checklist:

While hemp comes with many benefits, a few key factors must be considered while choosing a hemp product. We provide a 10-point checklist, which can help in deciding the right hemp products:

  1. Sturdiness & durability – Hemp comes with sturdy bast fibres that are suitable for packaging and food boxes, craftwork, digital printing, etc. In fact, it is known for its toughness and sturdiness that comes in various thicknesses to address different products and product packaging needs.
  2. Easily customised – You need to be sure that the size, dimensions, and weight of the hemp product you are selecting goes well with your requirements. Hemp packaging can easily be custom-made for your form factor requirements.
  3. Composition – This is a crucial element to consider, specifically if you are using it for food-based product packaging. Although customarily grown hemp has low lignin content and comes with acid-free cellulose, make sure that the one you plan to buy is sustainably sourced and produced.
  4. Colour – This is something from both aesthetics and usage perspective. Based on the nature of production, it can be white or brown, and it can be lustrous or dull. For example, when fretted and partially degummed, hemp fibres are used and are naturally coated and burnished—you will see a rougher brown hemp sheet. White hemp sheets can be plain, with or without shiny characteristics.
  5. Longevity & recyclabilityYou need to understand how many times it can be reused. This will not only help you have cost-effective packaging, but also help you stand for environmental sustainability. A good-quality hemp product can be recycled 8 to 9 times.
  6. Manufacturing process –  The process of manufacturing hemp products has an enormous impact on the outcome. Ensure that it is made without the use of harmful chemicals that may interrupt the natural benefits that hemp products promise.
  7. Quality of the hemp products – The hemp processing should be carefully planned, managed, and executed to obtain high-quality product from hemp. High-quality processing enhances the durability of hemp farm products. So, ensure that the quality of the hemp fibre is excellent.
  8. Raw ingredients – Read the ingredients on the product packaging label and ensure that the hemp fabric product has less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive substance in cannabis). However, the THC content in hemp is generally either low, or is insignificant to cause any such psychoactive effects.
  9. Do the research Research about the hemp products and hemp providers will aid you in making the right decision on choosing the ideal hemp product that provides a complete solution to the needs of the customers. Analyse and select the best-selling hemp products only.
  10.  Choose the most competitive brand With the evolution of advanced technologies, companies are coming up with innovative and effective methods for producing hemp products, providing finest-quality hemp products that were difficult to obtain without proper machinery for the processing and manufacturing of hemp products.


Realise the power of hemp with OG HEMP, a company that strives for excellence by providing the best hemp product packaging since the year 2018. Join the hemp movement and step towards a sustainable future. This transformation is not only a drive towards saving our mother nature, but will also secure a strong stand in the market in the near future.

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