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Hemp Paper – 300GSM White Sheet
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Hemp Paper – 300GSM White Sheet



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Hemp paper is a worthwhile alternative to tree papers. The first paper in the world partly dates back to the Han dynasty, originated from hemp, and as a plant, hemp is more suitable for paper as it has higher cellulose and lower lignin content. Papers made from hemp are also far more environmentally beneficial and sustainable than tree papers. On the contrary, tree papers are responsible for almost 11% of deforestation.

300 GSM Hemp paperwhite sheets are the perfect way to switch to fulfill your needs in the most sustainable way. An ideal paper for all your needs. Hemp Papers manufactured by OG Hemp are 100% Organic tree-free papers. Thus it is way more eco-friendly, tree-free, and non-toxic paper from hemp plants that are entirely carbon negative and biodegradable.

Benefits of Using Hemp paper [300 GSM]

  1. Eco Friendly
  2. More durable than Tree papers
  3. No yellowness of paper mentions the archival quality
  4. Made of 100% Organic Hemp 
  5. No Ink Bleeding on your notes.

For all nature lovers, hemp paper is the perfect option for using papers and being guilt-free. Hemp papers are made from hemp stalks from hemp plants. Hemp papers are the best alternative to tree papers. In general, Hemp paper is being made by the most dominant natural fibres on the planet, having zero waste and low irrigational needs.

Cellulose being the main ingredient of paper, hemp stalk has 85% cellulose compared to about 30% cellulose in wood. Consequently, hemp paper lasts longer and is more durable and versatile. The lignin content which has to be removed in the process of production is chemical extensive. Hemp bast fibres have 5% lignin compared to 35% in wood.

Our hemp papers have a natural feel and are made from superior-quality hemp sheets. Distinctive texture and natural color without any artificial optical brightness agent make our hemp papers the best in the market. Unlike other sustainable and tree-free papers, “OG Hemp”  papers have a low ink absorption index that makes a great quality score.

Hemp Vs. Tree paper

People worldwide are becoming more aware of the essential natural benefits of hemp and hemp papers

As a result, the following hemp/hemp paper statistics are astounding:

  • Strong fibers: Decomposition is faster than with traditional tree paper.
  • Hemp paper is way more sustainable and recyclable. On the contrary, About 35% of municipal solid waste (before recycling) in the United States by weight is paper and paper products. 
  • Paper does not yellow over time. 
  • Archival-quality
  • High cellulose content
  • Low Lignin Content is the most important element of making a paper
  • Hemp can produce more paper per unit of land
  • Reduced watering costs 
  • There will be no usage of hazardous compounds such as dioxins, which is one of the most carcinogenic element

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