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OGHemp is a step closer to a sustainable future, delivering paper made of hemp to the doorstep!

Is Using hemp hurds and hemp paper for packaging materials a better choice?

Packaging Materials contribute to municipal waste generation. OGHemp brings to you, a sustainable packaging solution made of tough and chemical-free paper, Hemp paper!

To maintain ecological balance, we take this step to come one step closer to a sustainable future. The paper industry accounts for 13% – 15% of wood consumption and is also responsible for 30% – 40% of all wood traded for industrial purposes.  Looking at the devastating climatic scenario we at OGHemp are revamping the packaging industry by using hemp paper as packaging material. This leads us toward sustainability. In this article, you will get to know,

1) What is hemp hurd?

3) How was the world’s first paper made of hemp?

4) Why should we choose hemp paper over wood paper?

5) What benefits us from using hemp paper?

What is hemp hurd?

The woody inner portion of hemp stalk broken into pieces and separated from fiber by breaking and scutching is known as ‘hemp hurds’. This hurds corresponds to shives in flax, but are much coarser and are usually in texture. The hemp plant commonly known as ‘Cannabis Sativa’ belongs to the Nettle family, It belongs to the fiber-producing species ‘Lily Family’ often called bowstring hemp, East Indian Species, and Crotalaria Junceaor is also known as Sunn Hemp. 

Bast fiber obtained from hemp is long, Soft, and is used where strength in the material is required. It is used as raw material for the purpose of making paper, fine twines, sailcloth, carpet thread, and for homespun and similar grades of woven goods. It is an agent of change to meet sustainable  development 

The world’s first known paper is made of hemp. Is this true?

Paper is the most significant Chinese invention. This paper was made by crushing hemp fiber and mulberry tree bark into a pulp and mixing this with water in a large tank of water. The tangled fiber of lesser density, rose to the top of the water was removed and placed into the mold after carefully drying the fibers sheets ready to be written on.

Chinese inventors kept paper-making top secret for many centuries, but eventually, In the 5th-century process of making paper was discovered in Japan, and by the 9th century the technology reached Arab countries. The operation of forming a finished sheet of paper from bast fiber through the process of washing and bleaching, furnishing, beating, and retting is continued. 

hemp fibre decortication history

Why choose hemp paper over wood paper?

In 1916, the United States Department of Agriculture Chief scientist Lyster Hoxie Dewey and Jason L. Merrill created paper made from hemp hurds that was ‘Favourable in comparison with those used with pulp wood’ The chemical composition of hemp hurds is comparable to wood, lignin in fiber must be removed chemically and wood requires more use of chemicals in the process.

In comparison, Hemp has an advantage over lignin’s composition. It contains 5%-24% lignin in comparison to 20%-30% in wood, It brings more texture to your paper. Wood does not decompose completely in the process of recycling, Hemp does, and Hemp contains pectin, which produces methoxy pectate enzyme. This enzyme not only allows complete deformation of hemp paper but also nourishes the soil in the process. 

hemp paper

Hemp paper from OGHemp

Compared to wood pulp, hemp pulp offers a four to five times longer fiber. a significantly lower lignin fraction as well as high tear resistance and tensile strength. The purpose of making paper with hemp is to convert value creation. Using hemp paper is therefore a service of sustainable development and enables society to accept management within ecological limits. Norms and Standards of OGHemp actively support the circular economy, We ensure an appropriate exchange of information between various market players in the cycle. Using hemp paper over wood means taking a step forward towards a circular economy. 

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What are the benefits of using hemp paper?

Nearly all of the hemp in the United States is dew retted, The stalks are spread on the ground in swaths, as grains are laid by the cradle. The action of the extreme weather, rain and catalytic reaction aided by bacteria, removes chlorophyll, Epidermis and most of the pectin, leaving only the fibrous bast. The plant in this process loses about 60 percent of its green weight or about 40 percent of its air-dry weight. 

Hemp hurds is used to a limited extent for barnyard litter and stable bedding as packing sawdust in packing ice and in rare instances for fuel. Hemp itself has incomparable agricultural benefits: weed suppression, soil improvement in crop rotation, soil aerator, and pollen isolation are some of the benefits.

hemp paper

From the medieval age hemp has been used for making twine, ropes, canvas, tarps, carpets, textiles, Agro-based fiber composites & molded parts, Brake and clutch lining, and Caulking. Bast fiber and hurds pulp were used for filter board insulation, fiber-glass, and even cement.  

Print paper, fine/specialty paper, newsprint, cardboard packaging, Oil paints, Fuel, Solvent, Lubricants, Putty, and Coatings are a few of the industrial benefits. Likewise, using hemp seeds was also known as a source of food. In Indian society, hemp-quality papers are the most common legal usage. The process of mercerisation washes out chlorophyll and gums and we obtain fibrous bark which we further use for the process of making paper. What are your thoughts on, how deep the roots of hemp go? What is the process of making hemp paper? What used to be written on hemp paper? Did hemp bring about the Industrial Revolution?

We communicate an appropriate exchange of information among various market players in the cycle. We actively support the circular economy.  We at OGHemp deliver packaging solutions made of

∞ A super reliable paper that doesn’t retain moisture and is highly resistant to mold and mildew.

∞ A super tough and long-lasting, carbon-negative raw material.

∞ Material that is free from chemicals and zero waste emissions.

In simple words, we deliver the most reliable ecological packaging material. Get doorstep delivery. Order now! Only at 100% Hemp papers & Hemp Packaging – OG Hemp

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