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Exploring the World of Paper Business Cards

The hemp plant is intentionally grown in India for industrial purposes and the output is quite profitable and eco-friendly. The paper made from hemp is organic, sustainable and renewable with no toxicity. A lot of other products can also be made like medicines along with paper business cards  for printers.

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Why paper business cards are important?

The first thing that a potential customer or connection would recall about you is your paper business cards. Whether they are kept on a card rack, kept in a person’s wallet, or even just floating around in their pocket, business cards are made to last. One of the key factors you should think about when designing your business card is durability. The likelihood that a potential client will contact you rises the longer your paper business card can withstand typical wear and tear. 

What is business card printing paper?

The papers with specific features which are used to print business cards are the business card paper for printers. The best paper for business cards are the ones which are thick and don’t bend or tear easily. 

The factors to consider while choosing the best paper for business card are:

      • Card thickness: Your card’s thickness may also affect how durable it is. But it can be awkward and difficult to carry a card that feels like cardboard.

      • Weight: The paper’s weight is referred to when describing a business card’s weight. Stronger and potentially more opulent paper is heavier. A business card should contain the following components:

      • Ability to print: Choose a paper type that can resist the printing that will be done on your business card, which will contain your contact information.

      • Colour: Papers come in a variety of colors, so using this to your advantage to set your business card apart from others is simple. Business cards that are strictly professional might only come in neutral shades like white, beige, cream and sometimes pastels.

    The reasons why hemp paper is a good choice for paper business cards can be stated as follows:

        • Hemp paper are those that are made mostly or solely from pulp made from industrial hemp fibers. The majority of the goods are specialized papers, like cigarettes, cash, and technical filter papers. Hemp pulp is four to five times as long as wood pulp’s fibers are, has a substantially lower lignin component, and is stronger and more tear-resistant than wood pulp. 

          • It has been demonstrated that a hemp crop will generate four times as much paper pulp as a tree on an acre of land. While tree paper can only be recycled four times, hemp paper can be recycled seven to nine times.

        Why choose Kraft business cards?

            • More than 250 GSM papers are available. As we have previously concluded that thickness matters a lot while choosing the perfect business card.

            • Numerous designs to choose from. We all have different tastes, so the designers of Kraft business cards tried to provide a variety of types of business cards that cater to all categories of people’s choice.

            • Recycled paper business cards available. Using recycled business will not only contribute to the betterment of the environment but also will uphold your position in front of others for being so considerate and you might even inspire others.


          Q. Are paper business cards still relevant?

          Ans. Yes. This may be the digital but paper business cards still continue to be the greatest and most organic way to network and market oneself. 

          Q. Are OG Hemp paper business cards recyclable?

          Ans. Yes. One of the key features of OG hemp business cards is that those are eco-friendly and biodegradabl

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