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Custom packaging boxes: Your way to Stand Out from the Competition


Custom Packaging refers to the tailored packaging of goods by businesses to convey significant brand information to buyers. Typically, they are enhanced by patterns, colors, themes, and designs. Additionally, they offer embossing, spot UV printing, and print effects including foil stamping.

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In this article you’ll be informed about the following:

  • What is packaging?
  • Why are proper packaging boxes essential?
  • Types of packaging boxes offered by OG hemp.
  • Why should you opt for custom packaging boxes?

The science, art, and technology of packaging involves confining or safeguarding goods for shipping, storing, marketing and use. The process of creating, analyzing, and designing packages is sometimes referred to as packaging. Packaging can be thought of as a well-organized system for setting up products for sale, warehousing, logistics, and final usage. Packaging boxes helps to transport, protect, preserve, inform, and sell. It is completely integrated into commercial, institutional, industrial, and personal use in many nations.

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The reason why proper packaging boxes are essential are:

  • Physical protection –

 The items contained in the packaging box may need to be protected from various physical forces, such as compression, temperature, vibration, electrostatic discharge, mechanical shock, etc.

  • Marketing – 

Marketers can use labels and packaging boxes to persuade potential customers to buy a product. For many years, physical design and package graphic design have been significant and evolving fields. Graphic design and marketing communications are applied to the package’s outside and frequently to the point-of-purchase display. The majority of packaging is created to highlight the specific product concept while also reflecting the brand’s personality and message.

  • Containment – 

Small objects are frequently contained in a single packaging box for the sake of storage and marketing efficiency. For instance, managing 100 pens in a box as opposed to 100 pens individually is easier. Materials that are liquid, powdery, or granular require confinement.

  • Branding and Positioning: 

The materials utilized and the design options made are crucial to the storytelling component of brand creation. Packaging boxes and labels are increasingly employed to move beyond marketing to brand positioning. This feature of packaging is becoming more and more significant in the digital era due to the increasingly fragmented media landscape.

  • Convenience-

 Packaging boxes may include features that make them easier to distribute, handle, stack, display, sell, open, close, use, dispense, reuse, recycle, and dispose of.

  • Barrier Protection-

 Protection from barriers, such as those to oxygen, water vapor, dust, etc., is frequently necessary. Design must take permeation into consideration. Desiccants or oxygen absorbers are sometimes included in packaging to help prolong shelf life. In some food packaging boxes, modified or regulated atmospheres are also kept. One of the main purposes is to maintain the contents’ cleanliness, freshness, sterility, and safety for the period of the planned shelf life. When it is necessary to separate two materials before usage, such as with specialized paints, glues, medical fluids, etc., a barrier is also put in place.

There are several different kinds of mono cartons to be used as packaging boxes that OG hemp offers:

Straight gusset tuck: This style works especially well for things that require a large window in the front display panel. Both closures often tuck in from the front to the back, hiding the sharp edges of the main display panel at each end. Additionally, it prevents any potential interference between the tuck and the window film material that a reverse tuck might bring about. This design functions effectively with both hand erecting and closing in addition to machine shaping and closing.

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Custom packaging boxes: Your way to Stand Out from the Competition

Top tuck auto bottom: The Tuck Top Auto Bottom was developed in order to maximize effectiveness. The top flap tucks into the front of the box while the bottom flap folds on its own for quick and easy assembly. This box design can be used for gift-giving as well as customized retail packaging.

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Custom packaging boxes: Your way to Stand Out from the Competition 1

Reverse tuck end: The tuck ends on each side face the other direction. They are frequently employed in the manufacturing of small-scale electronics, candles, cosmetics, and medications.

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Custom packaging boxes: Your way to Stand Out from the Competition 2

Why should you opt for custom packaging boxes?

The following reasons can convince you to opt for custom packaging boxes:

  • One way to showcase the character of your brand is through custom packaging boxes. Printing your logo on the box or covering it in one of your brand colors might be as simple as that. Whatever option you decide on, it instantly distinguishes your shipments from the sea of kraft and gives them a distinctive appearance.
  • Another advantage of using the proper-sized custom packing boxes is that they cut down on packaging waste. There is literally less of a box, which results in less material being used to make it and less void fill being required inside of it. Customers can dispose of the boxes in the recycle bin after using them because they are just plain corrugated boxes with printing on them.
  • Less money will be spent on void fill materials, or more precisely, stock forms of void fill materials. By choosing boxes that prevent your products from being crushed or allowing them to move, you’ll also aid in reducing the costs associated with possibly damaged shipments.


Q. Are custom packaging boxes available online?

Ans. Yes. At OG HEMP you’ll find varieties of custom packaging boxes options.

Q. Are OG hemp products eco friendly?

Ans. Yes. At OG hemp we do our best to promote sustainable packaging materials.

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