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Compostable Paper Products: The Key to Reducing Environmental Impact

What does compostable mean?

A product can be considered compostable if it can break down into harmless natural components. Additionally, it does so at a pace that is typical of other organic materials. To produce a final compost product (CO2, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass), compostable material need microbes, humidity, and heat. 

Let us discuss about Compostable paper

They are manufactured entirely of organic materials, including cornstarch, sugarcane starch, potato starch, and natural fibres.

They can degrade in a compost environment, dissolving into natural elements. They don’t affect the environment because they are broken down into natural components. Anything that degrades biologically during composting and leaves no discernible, hazardous, or visible residues is considered compostable.

Degradation Period: 90% of biodegradable materials specifically decompose in a compost environment in a period of 180 days.

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Some of the compostable paper products available at OG HEMP are:

Paper products that can be composted include paper sheets, reels, stationery and packaging

    • Compostable paper bags: Strong, 53gm, 10lb-capable hemp paper bags are available. 200GSM basic weight paper was used in their construction. They have paper twist handles, well-built rivets that are cut precisely, embellished with stylish, sophisticated rivets. The bags have a flat, firm bottom that can be readily stood up due to its strong reinforcement. They can be used as gift bags, party bags, shopping bags, retail bags, merchandise bags, brown paper bags, and gift bags for weddings. They may be endlessly creative with the brown hemp bags because they are blank. Add some personal touches to them by painting or drawing something that will last for years. You might use them as a retail bag, a holiday bag, or perhaps even a place to staple your hemp business card.

    • Compostable paper packaging: The exceptional Monocartons are expertly made from a combination of Hemp and other hardy agricultural and natural fibers, guaranteeing unrivaled durability and sturdiness. Their total compostability and practical application of organic materials set them unique, making them the best option for companies dedicated to reducing their environmental effect.

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Compostable paper products:

    • Hemp Paper A4 Sheets – Our 100GSM White Hemp paper sheets are the ideal option whether you’re an innovative professional, a learner, or just someone who values the beauty of nature. Enjoy the premium quality and natural feel of these sheets while also knowing that you’re doing your part to improve the environment.With our 100% Organic Hemp Paper A4 Sheets Set, upgrade to the paper of the future. 

    • Hemp A5 light green sheet: The 15 sheets in the 250 GSM Hemp A5 Light Green Sheets Set offer a natural feel, exceptional quality, and a very unique texture in addition to a natural color minus the use of any artificial optical brighteners. The hemp paper is excellent quality and has a low ink absorption index. It can remain acid-free for 300 years without discoloring.

    • Hemp A5 Red sheets: These sheets are manufactured from the hemp plant and are 100% organic, so if you love the environment you may use them guilt-free. A ideal eco-friendly paper from the past that is non-toxic, tree-free, and fully carbon negative. It is also astonishingly 8 times more recyclable than traditional tree paper.

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Why should you opt for Compostable paper instead of wood paper?

Compostable materials have advantages over wood paper in that they consume less energy, water, and produce fewer emissions of greenhouse gases during production. They are better for the environment and don’t affect the soil or the plants. Whereas tree papers are causing various harmful environmental effects like deforestation which contributes to global warming and loss of habitat of different organisms thus affecting the ecosystem as well.

Advantages of Composting

The conversion of organic debris into soil full of nutrients through composting is a process that is naturally occurring. The compostable paper products from OG Hemp help this cycle of regeneration in a number of ways when they are discarded out in a compost bin:

    • Rich Soil with Nutrients: As paper products break down, they return vital nutrients to the soil itself, enriching it and encouraging plant development.

    • Reduced Waste for Landfills: By diverting garbage from landfills, composting eases the load on these already overloaded facilities.

    • Reduce Methane Emissions: Methane, a strong greenhouse gas, is produced by organic debris in landfills. By lowering these emissions, composting helps to combat climate change.

    • Compost is able to be used as an organic fertilizer in agriculture, eliminating the need for artificial chemical fertilizers.


Q. Which types of paper am I able to compost?

Ans. Paper of all kinds, including newspaper, junk mail, paper plates, and even old paper towels, can be added to your compost pile. Any paper you bring should be pristine and free of plastic or chemicals. Don’t use glossy, magazine-style papers.

Q. Can we customize compostable paper products?

Ans. Yes. At OG HEMP you can customize our range of paper products according to your needs. For more information please contact at https://www.oghemp.in

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