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In the heart of Turkey, a revolutionary company is making waves in the world of sustainable living – OG Hemp – Hemp Paper Products Packaging in Turkey. This visionary enterprise, driven by a commitment to eco-friendly practices and a passion for preserving the environment, is set to redefine the way we perceive paper. As they launch in Turkey, OG Hemp brings with them a rich history, a mission to empower the world with the benefits of hemp paper, and a team dedicated to making the planet a more organic and natural place to live.

The Rich Legacy of Hemp Paper:

Hemp paper is not a new concept; in fact, it dates back to the early Western Han Dynasty, around 200-150 BC, making it the world’s first identified paper. OG Hemp recognizes the historical significance of hemp paper and champions its superior quality compared to conventional wood paper. The key to this quality lies in the durability, longevity, and low lignin, high cellulose content of hemp fibers, making it the perfect choice for everyday stationery.

Benefits of Hemp Paper:

  1. Timeless Quality:

Hemp paper doesn’t age or discolor with time. OG Hemp’s commitment to providing superior quality paper ensures that your everyday stationery remains pristine, offering a timeless appeal.

  1. Superior Reliability:

Packaging made from hemp paper by OG Hemp is highly reliable, resisting moisture and being highly resistant to mold and mildew. This reliability ensures the integrity of the content it protects.

  1. Durability and Longevity:

Thanks to the robust nature of hemp fibers, paper made by OG Hemp is tough and long-lasting. This durability contributes to a reduction in waste and a more sustainable approach to paper consumption.

  1. Low Lignin, High Cellulose:

Hemp paper production by OG Hemp involves minimal use of toxic chemicals, making it an eco-friendly alternative. The low lignin, high cellulose content simplifies the paper-making process without compromising on quality.

  1. Reuse and Recycle:

OG Hemp takes pride in offering paper that can be recycled up to 8 times, compared to traditional wood paper, which is only recyclable up to 3 times. This emphasis on recycling contributes to a circular economy and minimizes environmental impact.

  1. Minimal Carbon Footprint:

The handmade, chemical-free manufacturing process adopted by OG Hemp ensures a minimal carbon footprint. The commitment to emitting zero waste aligns with the company’s dedication to sustainable practices.

  1. Ideal Carbon Sink:

OG Hemp’s reliance on industrial hemp plants as a raw material serves a dual purpose. Not only does it produce high-quality paper, but it also contributes to environmental health by absorbing and retaining more CO2 than any other plant species.

OG Hemp’s Eco-Friendly Hemp Paper Practices:

  1. Tree-Free Alternatives:

OG Hemp’s commitment to being tree-free is a testament to their dedication to environmental preservation. By utilizing hemp plants instead of wood pulp, they contribute to the reduction of deforestation and promote a more sustainable approach to paper production.

  1. Carbon-Negative Raw Material:

The use of carbon-negative raw material in OG Hemp’s products further showcases their commitment to a greener future. By prioritizing materials that actively absorb CO2, they contribute to mitigating climate change.

  1. Hybrid Composites and Planet-Friendly Practices:

OG Hemp employs hybrid composites and planet-friendly practices throughout the fiber conversion and hemp paper manufacturing processes. This approach ensures that every step of production aligns with their mission of sustainability.

OG Hemp’s Presence in Turkey:

As OG Hemp launches in hemp paper products in Turkey, the company aims to bring its innovative, sustainable solutions to a region known for its rich cultural heritage and environmental diversity. With the fertile landscapes of Turkey providing an ideal environment for hemp cultivation, OG Hemp is poised to make a significant impact on the country’s approach to paper consumption.

The Mission, Vision, and Values of OG Hemp:

OG Hemp’s mission is clear – to empower the world with the useful advantages of hemp fiber while upholding principles of environmental responsibility. Their vision extends beyond product sales; it encompasses a commitment to helping the world grow and sustain itself in a unique and eco-friendly way.

Driven by a set of values that prioritize sustainability, creativity, care, and beauty, OG Hemp seeks to not only provide quality hemp paper but also to inspire a fundamental shift towards a more organic and natural world.

OG Hemp’s Journey and Team:

The journey of OG Hemp began in April 2018, sparked by a vision to provide a sustainable lifestyle alternative. Animesh, the passionate researcher behind the initiative, laid the foundation for OG Hemp’s commitment to producing hemp papers of unparalleled quality.

The OG Hemp team, led by creator and managing director Shailesh Ganeriwala, comprises individuals with diverse expertise, including Chief Business Officer Sarabjeet Rattan, Hemp Consultant Animesh Thakur, Head of Sales Vishal Ganeriwala, and heads of supply chain and business development in the EU, Marc Pedron Pladevall and Mounir El Haddouchi Tahiri, respectively. This dedicated team ensures the day-to-day production and distribution of OG Hemp’s sustainable products.


As OG Hemp makes its mark in Turkey, it brings not just a product but a movement – a movement towards sustainable living, responsible consumption, and a greener tomorrow. By offering hemp paper that is not only all-natural, chemical-free, and non-toxic but also tree-free and recyclable, OG Hemp exemplifies the future of eco-friendly packaging and sustainable materials.

In a world where the keywords of compostable packaging, recyclable packaging, eco packaging, green packaging, sustainable packaging materials, eco-friendly packaging materials, eco-friendly food packaging, sustainable food packaging, environmentally friendly packaging, recyclable packaging materials, and sustainable packaging companies hold increasing importance, OG Hemp stands out as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility. Through their mission, vision, and values, OG Hemp invites the world to join them in restoring the past and saving the future – one hemp paper at a time.


  1. What makes OG Hemp’s paper environmentally friendly, and how does it contribute to a reduced carbon footprint?

OG Hemp’s paper is eco-friendly due to its tree-free composition and minimal use of toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process. The handmade, chemical-free approach ensures a minimal carbon footprint, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainable practices with eco-friendly packaging in Turkey.

  1. How does OG Hemp contribute to recycling efforts, and why is the emphasis on paper recyclability important for the environment?

OG Hemp takes pride in offering paper that can be recycled up to 8 times, compared to traditional wood paper’s 3 times recyclability. This emphasis on recycling contributes to a circular economy, minimizing environmental impact and promoting responsible consumption.

  1. Can you elaborate on OG Hemp’s presence in Turkey and how the fertile landscapes contribute to the company’s mission of sustainable paper production?

As OG Hemp launches in Turkey, the company aims to leverage the fertile landscapes for hemp cultivation, making a significant impact on the country’s approach to paper consumption. The region’s rich cultural heritage and environmental diversity align with OG Hemp’s mission of sustainability.

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