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Manchester, a significant city in the northwest of England, has a long history of industry. Visitors to the interactive Museum of Science & Industry can learn about the city’s past as a textile powerhouse by exploring the 18th-century canal system in the Castlefield conservation area. The newly renovated Salford Quays dockyards currently host the Lowry cultural center and the Imperial War Museum North, both built by Daniel Libeskind. This city is doing their best to achieve a sustainable environment and we at OG hemp have the same goal so we’re doing our best to input our efforts to provide best hemp paper products packaging in Manchester.

In this article we have discussed the following:

  • History of Hemp paper 
  • The efforts that Manchester is giving for creating a sustainable environment.
  • The economic aspects of using Hemp paper in Manchester.
  • Why should you select environmentally friendly packaging eco friendly packaging in Manchester?
  • OG hemp’s role in sustainability.

History of Hemp paper 

Only in the 13th century did hemp paper make it to Europe from the Middle East. It was first applied in Germany in the fourteenth century. Methods for making paper from wood pulp weren’t developed until the 19th century; they weren’t always less expensive than hemp paper production, but they didn’t require additional production because the wood was already present and available for harvest, especially in the area of writing and printing papers. 

The efforts that Manchester is giving for creating a sustainable environment:

The city has made significant investments in green infrastructure recently, and this trend is expected to continue. By expanding and upgrading the city’s green and blue areas, Manchester hopes to become a better destination for both people and environment. There have already been 12,500 trees planted and 12 km of canals improved. Parks and other green areas have been improved, and any new housing constructions must consider how to build in green areas to their plans. The Manchester Green and Blue Infrastructure Strategy intends to make Manchester known for its great quality of life, with enhanced green areas and accessibility to top-notch sports, leisure, and cultural facilities. One of the the effects include using sustainable packaging in Manchester and to achieve that hemp paper manufacturer in Manchester are investing.

The economic aspects of using Hemp paper in Manchester:

  • Hemp doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides, and it produces three to four times as much useful fiber per hectare as forests do.
  • The crop production of hemp is substantially faster. While trees can take anywhere from 20 to 80 years to reach maturity, hemp stalks take roughly 3 to 4 months. Hemp not only develops more quickly, but it also has a higher cellulose content than other plants. Because of the speedy return, using hemp in place of wood would speed up the production of paper.
  • Paper made from hemp fibers resists decomposition and doesn’t turn yellow or brown over time like paper made from wood pulp does. One of the factors contributing to its lifespan and durability is the fact that it is one of the world’s toughest natural fibers.
  • Increased usage of paper alternatives made of wood is encouraged by a number of factors, particularly the use of agricultural fibers like hemp. Major ecological challenges now include deforestation, notably the eradication of old growth forests, and the global shortage of wild timber resources. The usage of hemp in place of wood will help to protect biodiversity.
  • Unlike wood pulp, hemp paper may be whitened with hydrogen peroxide, which eliminates the need for hazardous bleaching and several chemicals. Because no more chlorine or dioxin discharge is produced, utilizing hemp as opposed to wood for paper would have a big positive impact on the environment.
  • Compared to paper created from wood pulp, hemp paper can be recycled up to 8 times as opposed to just 3.

Why should you select environmentally friendly packaging eco friendly packaging in Manchester?

  • Lowering carbon emissions

The advantage of eco-friendly packaging that is most visible is environmental protection. In order to reduce the waste of raw resources during the manufacturing process, eco-friendly packaging frequently includes recycled and biodegradable materials. Furthermore, the production process is frequently more efficient, requiring less precious resources in total and reducing the environmental damage that businesses produce.

  • Reusable

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, using green packaging has positive long-term effects even after it has been used for shipping. Because they are recyclable and biodegradable, these sustainable replacement materials have no effect on the environment. 

OG hemp’s role in sustainability:

Hemp Paper Products Packaging in Manchester

Maintaining the supply of hemp paper packaging in Manchester is a job that OG Hemp keeps excelling in with their hemp paper products in Manchester including:

  • Brown paper bags : OG Hemp brown paper bags may be recycled about eight times and are waste-free and biodegradable. It’s finally time to wave goodbye to those uninteresting-looking, foul-smelling, and damaging to the environment white plastic bags.

  • Whitewave Hemp paper bag: The robust Whitewave Hemp Paper Landscape Bags weigh just 53g and have a maximum capacity of 5kg (10lbs). They weigh 200 grams on average and are composed of paper.

  • Monocartons: Our 340GSM thick monocartons made entirely of hemp paper are a versatile replacement for all types of printing and a great option for companies in any industry.


Q. The five pillars of sustainable packaging are they?

Ans. The “five R’s” (5Rs), which stand for reuse, reduction, recycling, renew, and redesign, provide a road map for environmentally sound best practices in today’s stricter environmental climate.

Q. How can we purchase Hemp products in Manchester?

Ans. You can visit the website of OG HEMP and order your favorite hemp product.

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