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Hemp Paper Packaging Solutions!​

Hemp Paper Packaging Solutions!

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We’re OGHemp - The only company ‘rethinking’ paper!

At OGHemp, we’re on a mission to promote a tradition that dates back to centuries – Hemp Paper. Hemp is the first paper from the past – tree-free, non-toxic, and an excellent sustainable alternative to conventional tree paper.

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Benefits of Hemp Paper

hemp paper

World's First Paper!

The first identified paper dates back to the early Western Han Dynasty, which was around 200-150 BC.

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Superior Quality.

Hemp paper quality is far superior when compared to conventional wood paper.

hemp paper

Hemp Paper Doesn't Age!

Hemp paper does not age or discolor with time. A perfect choice for your everyday stationery.

hemp paper

Super-reliable Paper

Hemp paper packaging doesn’t retain moisture and is highly resistant to mold & mildew.

hemp paper

Durability and Longevity

Paper made from hemp fibers is super tough and long-lasting, thanks to the strongest natural fibers!

hemp paper

Low Lignin. High Cellulose.

In simple words, it is easier to make paper without adding any toxic chemicals.

hemp paper

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Hemp paper can be recycled up to 8 times compared to paper made from wood that’s just 3x recyclable.

hemp paper

Minimal Carbon Footprint

Hemp paper manufacture is handmade, chemical-free and emits zero waste.

hemp paper

Ideal Carbon Sink

Industrial hemp plants absorb and retain more Co2 than any other plant species.

How is Hemp Paper Made?

Hemp paper is made from hemp plants’ long bast fiber or the short bast fiber. The chemical composition of hemp hurds is like of wood, making hemp a good choice as a raw material for manufacturing hemp paper. The quality of pure hemp paper is actually higher than wood, as hemp pulp is much better for paper than wood pulp.

hemp paper

Choose OGHemp. Choose Sustainability.

We're building a Hempire to add sustainability to everyday paper!

From stationery to heavy-duty packaging, OGHemp creates an upgraded alternative of each tree paper-based product available on the Planet!

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    A decision you'd be thankful for!

      A decision you'd be thankful for!