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Discovering the Wonders of Wood Free Paper : A Sustainable Alternative

At OGHemp, our goal is to spread awareness of hemp paper, a centuries-old custom. Hemp is a great sustainable substitute for traditional tree paper because it is made without trees. Let us begin with the definition of Tree free paper or wood free paper. Due to the nature of its raw materials, tree-free paper, also […]

Hemp Paper Products Packaging in Madrid

Compostable Paper Products: The Key to Reducing Environmental Impact

What does compostable mean? A product can be considered compostable if it can break down into harmless natural components. Additionally, it does so at a pace that is typical of other organic materials. To produce a final compost product (CO2, water, inorganic compounds, and biomass), compostable material need microbes, humidity, and heat.  Let us discuss […]

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How to Choose the Right Mono Carton Packaging for Your Needs

Let’s begin with what mono carton are – Single-layer cardboard is used to create mono carton boxes. This essential packaging required to pack a product compactly and protectively is mono carton packaging and the item used in this packaging is mono carton packaging. What are the benefits of using mono carton packaging? In India’s consumer-driven […]

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Exploring the World of Paper Business Cards

The hemp plant is intentionally grown in India for industrial purposes and the output is quite profitable and eco-friendly. The paper made from hemp is organic, sustainable and renewable with no toxicity. A lot of other products can also be made like medicines along with paper business cards  for printers. Why paper business cards are […]

Industrial Hemp Revolution: No. 1 Hope for a Greener Future

Introduction In the face of pressing environmental challenges, the industrial hemp revolution has emerged as a promising beacon of hope for a more sustainable future. A leading force in this movement is OG Hemp, a company at the forefront of harnessing the potential of industrial hemp to drive innovation and foster eco-conscious practices. This blog […]

Hemp Papers & Packaging Solution | OG Hemp

OGHemp is a step closer to a sustainable future, delivering paper made of hemp to the doorstep! Is Using hemp hurds and hemp paper for packaging materials a better choice? Packaging Materials contribute to municipal waste generation. OGHemp brings to you, a sustainable packaging solution made of tough and chemical-free paper, Hemp paper! To maintain […]

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Ultimate Benefits of Hemp: John Wick of Sustainability

Counting the benefits of hemp on fingers is something laughably nonsensical. Hemp is the most considerate sustainable plant in our nature, providing immeasurable values. Though, hemp or industrial hemp is very controversial due to its federal restrictions. From a Sativa family of cannabis, hemp foremost benefits sustainability, wellness, or even industrial use.  In general, the […]


Hemp Paper Packaging – Finest Solutions To Brands

Hemp paper packaging – OG Solution to paper packaging [Hemp Case study] Hemp paper packaging is a sustainable option for businesses looking for greener packaging. Although hemp paper packaging is only a diminutive band of the overall clarification to sustainability, it is a step in the right direction.  Humankind, wiping out 60% of mammals, birds, […]

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Why Hemp Paper Packaging? OGHemp’s Next Big Sustainable Innovation

Why hemp paper packaging? If you have this question in mind then I must tell you, Hemp paper packaging is the name of the game. The diversion from the unsustainable earth to a greener globe “Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and mines which required ages to lay down, if […]

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How Are Hemp Products Made, and Why Are They Better?

Introduction Did you know that the first paper was made out of hemp? Chinese were the first to make hemp paper around 200BC by mixing hemp pulp with agricultural waste and beating it into the desired shape and size. The Chinese were producing hemp paper in the 700s in mills powered by water power. By […]