Hemp Paper Postcard

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Hemp Paper Postcard

Hemp Paper Postcard made from organic industrial hemp. Eco friendly, Sustainable and Tree free paper product by OG Hemp. Choose sustainability Choose OG Hemp.

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Hemp paper products reconstruct a sustainable environment likewise hemp paper postcard are an excellent Eco – Friendly, tree-free, and non-toxic paper from the hemp plant. Incorporating attributes of the hemp plant as fully carbon negative, biodegradable, and 8 times recyclable compared to traditional tree paper. Hemp paper postcards made with 100% organic and environment-friendly hemp plants are one of the best routes to sustainability. 

Green paper products like Hemp Paper Postcards are the most sustainable way to switch to a greener globe. Also, hemp paper products are more durable, robust, and have high tensile strength. Hence, Tagging no environmental issues along with it, hemp papers are the ideal opportunity towards the routes to sustainability! Hemp postcards from hemp paper are made with the most potent natural fibre on the planet that produces zero waste, grows tremendously fast, and could save tonnes of energy.

The Hemp Handcrafted Postcard (Set of 5) of size 7″ x 5″ is ideal for writing to loved ones. Hemp postcards are designed with traditional mandalas to be independently used for office and hobby purposes, making a perfect choice for you. Along those lines, hemp postcards made out of hemp fiber are comprehensive towards sustainability and green paper products. It has a natural feel, high quality, and a genuinely distinctive texture, as well as a natural colour that is free of any artificial optical brightening agent.

100% Organic Hemp Paper Postcards, Made for Nature lovers:

Our Hemp Paper Postcards are made out of 100% organic hemp plants, making our products a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. If you are a nature lover, hemp paper products are the perfect choice for you. Hemp paper products are Eco-Friendly, Tree-Free, and non-toxic paper, which is entirely carbon negative, biodegradable, and an astounding 8 times recyclable compared to conventional tree paper.

Hemp Paper with Superior quality finish and feel:

Our Hemp postcards made out of hemp paper have superior quality and a genuinely distinctive texture without using any artificial optical brightness agent.

Enlighten your pathway to the luxury of the superior quality finish and feel with hemp paper and other green paper products.

Choose premium hemp paper products like hemp postcards for your one step towards sustainability, only from OGHemp- your sustainable brand.

A Handy Hemp postcard for office and hobby use:

Our hemp postcards made out of hemp paper are suitable for both your personal and professional use without interfering with your calls on sustainability.

Saves trees Switch to Hemp Paper:

Hemp paper is highly sustainable and eco-friendly, unlike tree papers. Hemp paper is made with the most potent natural fiber on the planet that produces zero waste, grows tremendously fast, and could save tonnes of energy. Choosing hemp paper lets you help save a tree’s life. Paper postcards save tons of energy and are the best way for switching to sustainable tree-free papers. Thus, our hemp paper products will make you feel proud of saving tons of energy and environmental issues along with it.


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