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About Us

At OG Hemp, we are about to completely revolutionise the way you’ve experienced paper and we’d love for you to be a part of it. What if we told you that we sell paper globally that is all-natural, chemical-free, non-toxic, and tree-free?

India, having the most friendly environment to grow Hemp wild and free has helped us embrace the quality of our products. We sell paper that is not manufactured using wood pulp but is made from the highest quality Hemp plants. All of our products are developed by advancing artisanal expertise and hands-on field experience in order to unlock the maximum organic potential and to provide qualitative user experience. By doing this, we intend to make the world a more organic and natural place to live in, a world that is environmentally safer.

As we continue to chase a living that is sustainable for both humans and nature, we use carbon-negative raw material, hybrid composites and make use of planet- friendly practices and innovative processes everywhere from fiber conversion to Hemp Paper manufacturing.

We’ve always moved forward with a comprehensive strategy, that is, restoring the past and saving the future. Our aim is to shoot the Hemp Industry really high in the sky thus generating long-term benefits for both our consumers and investors. We believe in a better future, a more organic one.

Our sole mission is to empower the world with the useful advantages of this fiber-rich, low-density, and strong-tensile strength available in the home-grown, naturally resistant to mold, hemp plants.

Driven by our urge to help the world grow and sustain in a unique way, all our paper products are made via eco-friendly processes. Each paper made by us reeks of our creativity, care and beauty.

One day, everybody in the world will have access to our Hemp paper products. Something to suit the newer generations with its outstanding abilities.

One day, we can finally tell our children that we’ve made up for those trees we lost over the lack of technical know-how and resources.

We value humanity, controlling climate-change, and creating products that carry value for its consumers.

    • Quality
    • We strive to meet our consumer expectations with our unique line of products.

      • Sustainability:
      • We are here to ensure a growth in the global economy without harming the environment.

      • Giving back to society:
      • We take pride in promoting local-level employment including in-house artisanal community and their traditional skills, a more natural way of living, and preventing a world without trees.

Our Story

It was in April 2018, that we came up with the dynamic idea of providing the world with a sustainable lifestyle alternative. Animesh was already into researching about hemp which gave us a first-mover advantage. So we found our calling in producing superior-quality, durable hemp papers, which are recyclable up to 7 times. We also made sure to keep up with its aesthetics, by adopting modern creatives and designs.

What initially seemed like a great strategy to save our trees, water, and nature, went on to resurrect India’s generations-old craftsmanship.

All we really wanted was to deliver the best-quality Hemp products to our clients across the world.

In the end, our constant search for resources to achieve these goals led us to some of the most productive agricultural sites and the most reliable and endorsed suppliers, courtesy to our robust OG team.

Team OG

In order to meet our goals and work towards the welfare of nature, we have a team that takes care of the day-to-day production and distribution of our products.

hemp paper

Shailesh Ganeriwala

hemp paper

Sarabjeet Rattan

hemp paper

Animesh Thakur

hemp paper

Vishal Ganeriwala

hemp paper

Marc Pedron Pladevall

hemp paper

Mounir El Haddouchi Tahiri